nickclifton (nickclifton) wrote,

December 2012 GNU Toolchain Update

Hi Guys,

  Things ar eslowing down in GCC land as the holidays approach, but there are still a few things to report:

  * The address sanitizer that was introduced last month has now been expanded to include a fast data race detector called 'Thread Sanitizer'.   The command line option for the address sanitizer has been renamed from -faddress-sanitizer to -fsanitize=address and a new option -fsanitize=thread has been added to enable the thread sanitizer.  See for more details.

  * When GCC is dumping RTL information (via the -fdump-rtl-<pass> command line options), the control flow information can now be dumped in a format suitable for viewing with GraphViz (  Confusingly however this feature is enabled via the -fdump-tree-<pass>-graph command line option!

  * Support for the 64-bit version of the RDOS operating system has been added.  For more details on RDOS see:

  * Support has been added to force the building of the libstdc++-v3 library on targets where it is normally disabled (eg *-*-vxworks, avr-*-*).  This can be done by adding --enable-libstdcxx to the configure command line.  For most targets however this behaviour is already the default.

  * The name of the built, but not installed, C++ compiler has been changed from g++ to xg++.  This is in line with the uninstalled version of the C compiler which has always been called xgcc instead of gcc.  The main reason for this change is for people who have "." in their path.  See for more details.

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