nickclifton (nickclifton) wrote,

May 2014 GNU Toolchan Update

Hi Guys,

  There are several interesting things to report in this month's update:

  * Firstly GDB 7.7.1 has been released.  This provides the following fixes and improvements to GDB 7.7:

    + PR win32/14018 (pc register not available error on Windows)
    + PR python/16547 (GDB crashing on gdb.python/py-linetable.exp)
    + PR build/16550 (64-bit GDB doesn't build on Solaris)
    + PR gdb/16626 (auto-load regression: gdb uses wrong file to test safeness)
    + PR breakpoints/16292 (GDB oversteps a range in some cases.)
    + PR gdb/16575 (stale breakpoint instructions in the code cache)
    + PR gdb/16696 (AIX 32-bit cores, high section addresses)
    + PR gdb/16721 (Erroneous backtrace on AVR)
    + PR gdb/16832 (Erroneous backtrace on avrxmega architectures)
    + PR build/16873 (GDB 7.7 does not build with GCC 4.9)

  * GCC and the Binutils now have support for the R3 and R5 variants of the MIPS architecture, both in 32-bit and 64-bit modes.

  * By default instance variables in Objective-C can be accessed as if  they were local variables from within the methods of the class they're declared in.  This can lead to shadowing between instance variables and other variables declared either locally inside a class method or globally with the same name.  Specifying the new option -fno-local-ivars disables this behavior thus avoiding variable shadowing issues.

    Alternatively the new warning option -Wshadow-ivar can be used to detect such occurrences and then the programmer can fix them individually.

  * GCC frequently warns about qualifiers on pointers being discarded, eg when const char * is passed to a function that takes a char *.  The new compiler option -Wno-discarded-qualifiers can now be used to disable these warnings - although only for C.

  * The code sanitizer has been extended to catch the division by zero of floating point values.  The new option -fsanitize=float-divide-by-zero enables this behaviour, but this has to be done explicitly since floating-point division by zero can be a legitimate way of obtaining infinities and NaNs.

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