nickclifton (nickclifton) wrote,

September 2014 GNU Toolchain Update

Hi Guys,

  In this month's news we have:
  * The GDB project is removing support for the following platforms:
    - MIPS IRIX (mips*-sgi-irix5*, mips*-sgi-irix6*)
    - Alpha Tru64 (alpha*-*-osf*)

    This only affect code maintained by GDB project (not binutils or GCC).  Also, support for any other target on MIPS (including embedded ones) will be maintained as is.

  * GCC now supports the MIPS R6 and ARM CORTEX-A17 architecture variants.

  * The is a new gcc attribute called no_reorder.  This tells GCC not to change the order of the marked functions and variables, relative to each other.  (Unmarked functions and variables can still be reordered).  This attribute is similar to the -fno-topleve-reorder option, except that it only applies to the marked symbols.

  * There is a new GCC command line optionn: -freport-bug

    This tells GCC to collect and dump debug information into temporary file if an internal compiler error occurs.  This information can be helpful to whomever has to fix the bug.


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