nickclifton (nickclifton) wrote,

GNU Toolchain Update, February 2015

Hi Guys,

  There are only a new things to report this month:

  * The GDB code injection project has reached a milestone of being able to compile and insert C code into an execute.  Phase two of the project has just started which aims to be able to compile and insert C++ code.  For more details see:

  * The Binutils now have support for the FTDI FT32 architecture.

  * GCC's sanitizer supports a new option: -fsanitize=vptr

    This option enables instrumentation of C++ member function calls, member accesses and some conversions between pointers to base and derived classes, to verify that the referenced object has the correct dynamic type.

   * A new option has been added to disable part of GCC's dead store elimination pass:  -fno-lifetime-dse

     Normally, in C++ the value of an object is only affected by changes within its lifetime, ie from construction to desctruction.  The DSE pass takes advantage of this restriction to eliminate any uses of the value of an object after it has been destroyed.  But some, badly written, code may need to use the value beyond the object's lifetime, and this option will allow that to happen.

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