nickclifton (nickclifton) wrote,

GNU Toolchain Update, March 2015

Hi Guys,

  There are several things to report this month:

  * GDB 7.9 has been released:

    GDB 7.9 brings new targets, features and improvements, some of which have been reported here already.  The full list is available on the website, but here are a few that I think you might find interesting:

      * Compilation and injection of source code into the inferior (requires GCC 5.0 or higher built with

      * Hardware watchpoint support on x86 GNU Hurd.

      * New target: MIPS SDE

  * The 2015 GNU Tools Cauldron will be taking place in Prague this year:

  * The NEWLIB and CYGWIN projects are now using a joint GIT based repository:

     Read-only:   git clone git://
     Read/Write:  git clone

   * The x86 targets now support pointer bounds checking via the use of the MPX library.  This library uses hardware available on forthcoming Intel processors (and current Intel simulators) to perform the checking, which makes it much faster than software only solutions:

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