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August 2011 GNU Toolchain Update

Hi Guys,

  It is an early post this month, because I am off on vacation next week.  Nothing of interest has happened with the GCC sources, but there have been a couple of things with the BINUTILS project:

  * The linker now defaults to not copying DT_NEEDED entries from shared libraries mentioned on the command line.  This matches the behaviour of other linkers and the latest Fedora and Ubuntu releases.  The effect of this change is that if you are building a project you now have to specify all of the shared libraries that it needs on the linker command line.  You cannot rely upon some shared libraries pulling in others for you.  In general this is a good thing.  It means that you have to be clear about your project's dependencies and there are no more hidden requirements for other shared libraries.

  The old behaviour can be restored with the --copy-dt-needed-entries command line option.

  * It was discovered that the Binutils and GDB releases for the last few years have been in violation of the GPL.  This was because they did not supply all of the sources necessary to rebuild themselves.  In particular some of the cpu input files to the cgen tool were missing, so the FR30, IP2K, MEP, OPENRISC and XSTORMY16 files in the opcodes directory could not be rebuilt.

    RMS is working on a press release which will grant a special exception to the GPL to anyone who is using one of the affected tarballs.  In the meantime new tarballs have been uploaded to the FSF FTP repository with the missing sources added.  The new tarballs have an 'a' suffix to their name, but otherwise behave in exactly the same way as the tarballs they replace.  So for example the latest 2.21 binutils release tarball is now:


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